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Warmly welcome you to my site!

My name is Attila Heffner and I was born in March 1967 in Hungary. My zodiac is Pisces and my ascendant is Aquarius. 

I come from an ordinary work
er-musician family Transylvania origin .
I am a father of 6 children. I live in Pilis with my second wife.

I was christened to be a protestant when I was born, but later I have taken up another faith, Sun Christianity, which was the faith of ancient Hungarian people.

Since my childhood I've been in quest of the Godhead.

The first time I played music on stage was in 1978 as a member of a band, but I have worked as a solo musician for 24 years and feel much better that way.

I can play several musical instruments. I can play the guitar and other instruments you have to twang, but above all I play the drums. Besides playing music I sing and I 'm a throat singer as well. I have taught many guitar players and drummers and I also teach Recording Studio Knowledge. I also work as a narrator, a radio presenter, a sound cutter, a film producer and director. In the past 25 years I have released 18 pieces of my own work, I have helped others' LPs as a sound engineer or producer. I've also made audio books and music to tales. I have composed two rock operas, one in 1996 - Barbars and another in 1997 - Book of Revelations. I was the producer of both Rock operas.
In the middle of 1990's I consciously turned to the history of ancient Huns and Hungarians. I started to quest for shamanism.
Since then I've practiced Raia yoga, Usui- Reiki energy healing, sound- and faith- healing. I have also been interested in metaphysics and spirit analysis. One of my favourite activities is making drums.
I would identify myself as a spiritual "soundsurgeon" a composer, a guardian of traditional knowledge and a performer. Many people call me a Shaman or Mage.
Nowadays I want to be a Free Thing in the Cosmos without any fripperies. I would like to try and taste all the wanderful and sensible opportunities of predestination.
If I am expected to heal , I'll heal, if I have to make drums, I will. If I'm asked to instruct a guided meditation, I'm ready to do that. If I am expected to hold a funeral service, I'm there to do. If I'm invited to play in a rock band, I'm happy to go. If I'm asked to teach anything I master, I'll go and teach others. I'm always ready to anybody's service.
I'm not interested in other people's opinion , not even the money I can earn. I'm only interested in Creation. I'm not afraid of people, I won't follow any human commanders, I'm not authoritarian at all.
I live according to my Loving God, sometime as an errant spirit. I believe in the celtic cross- the 4 devine elements: Mother , Father, Son and Virgin. I practice andquest this religion.

Shamanic drum making information...


The diameter of the drums usually: 45 -56 cm + Extra size / 60-70 cm/.

The height / if they lay down their circle  8 -10  cm.

Drum handle - which made of leather hide or wood. It can be made according to your desire. The leather handle makes better acoustic for the sound. The preparation of the handle is made in accordance of your personal numerologie. (for example: 1967.03.13 - my birthday - each numbers are added 1+9+6+7+3+1+3 = 30 - therefore the handle is divided into three parts)


In order to make your unique drum carefully in a sacral way i need your date of birth, your favorite runes or symbols and your picure in jpg format. If you send me these informations i put it 'inside' the drum body.


The time of preparation depends on the actual number of drum orders. Usually it needs 40-80 days.


Money:  I make one drum for 150-200 EUR, the postal delivery fee for Europe: 50 -60 EURO. South America and North America. Azsia, Ausztralia: 80-100 EUR. One DRUMSTICK is also included + One Atilla Heffner " BEST oF 20 year"  MP3 ten clockmaker musical CD.


If you decide that you want a drum with these conditions, I give you my wife's /JUDIT's/ account number where you can send the money.


Account number - I send - privat email!





I wait the search, a greeting with love:

Atilla Heffner - www.taltossaman.hu