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Sincerely welcome You!

I am Attila Heffner  sacred shamanic drum maker...

ELkészült a varázsdob!

In recent years, I have 200 foreign and Hungarian spiritual person who made sacred drums. Anyone who has traveled to me personally, prepared in conjunction with the drum. Everyone is satisfied. I've been to different countries where the context of shamanic drum Worksop, was a common drum-making course. In Italy for example  90  sacred drum is made. All personal customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, over the last two years, the European situation and the effect of the economic crisis, fewer and fewer orders for me.
The craft beat about my business bankruptcy. No application has failed, any bank loan could not use them, I could not prevail for political reasons as a performer, composer, leader of sacred rites. Since I have six kids, the family maintaining the number one goal. Fewer and fewer foreign orders / orders 1. Two month / received. Thus, small businesses will be completely bankrupt. There is no fortune, no house. Only my hands, my voice, which is my capital. Unfortunately, some people could not be prepared in time to the drum. These people are now at war with me. All spiritual rule and kick up my lejáratásomat do. I'm sorry that they're so decided. I'm not a businessman. I'm not a musical instrument shop. Spiritual drum which is made from a clean energy carrier. Unfortunately, I can not send anybody abroad for any postal packet drum. Only personal drum-making potential. the customer must travel to Hungary for. There is no deadline, no deal! This thing is not about that! I do not know impersonal drum making, I can not just positive energy to work. I'm not a whore who makes a difference who you're lying in bed. So I am now under the bankruptcy proceedings. In the few people to whom I owe a sacred drum, I can not currently pay back the money, because there is no me. Only the drum-making potential. The drums at some point they will be prepared, but I can not tell you the exact date anyone! I will try the impossible.
Unfortunately, the old me e mail account ceased, all data is lost, had to do it all over again!

Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

I never said that I am a shaman and I did not say that I am a real shaman. I am a man, a family man, a poor Hungarian people. In Hungary, the minimum wage is currently 250 Euro / month Netto. The tax rate is 53%.Me and my wife are currently unemployed. In Hungary, there is no unemployment benefitI look forward to the change. I hope that the world will be better. Currently, Europe is preparing for war ...

Anger is not a good advisor. Impatience causes disease! The poison is poison the people.

Love: Attila

Shamanic drum making information:

The diameter of the drums is usually: 50-62 cm.

Height of the frame 9 cm

money:  I make a drum for 250 EUR
/ DRUMSTICK also included / Just personally, jointly making!
After mutual consultation.
Only spiritual people wait


 Heffner Attila közös dobkészítés

                        kétfenekű dob

Spiritual trips in the Heart of Hungary

If you want the birth of your drum to be more intimate, you can come and
visit us in the Pilis montain +  Budapest city  sacred region.
Here we can spend some days together and visit sacred places in Budapest and in the hills while making the drum.

Groups and private persons, interpreting, travel, accommodation and catering provision. Tours, excursions, courses, healing, teaching, shamanic initiation, energy charge. Personal Training.

Please contact heffnermusic@gmail.com   for further information.


Would you like to make your drum with your own hands?

Attila can help you to give birth to your drum in your country, anywhere in Europe, and Azsia, USA, CANADA.

We can also share a drum blessing ceremony, a meditation, a concert, a drum circle and drumming teaching.
If you're an association or just a private don't hesitate to contact us if interested in.

A minimum number of participant is required / min. 10 personal /.

                      Dobkészítés- SZENTELÉS

Drum-making, Ritual, Concert and Meditation, Studying

A course with lots of music, drum-making and seminary, led by Attila Heffner, Hungarian sacrd drum-maker, spiritual composer, musician and sound-healer.

It's a 4-6 day course  / from Thurs /

On the spot everybody can choose their own leather to their drums from the raw, dried leather (goat, deer or stag skin) I bring. Everybody should choose the leather which invites them just like a piece of rock-crystal does its would-be owner. After choosing the pieces of leather, we soak them in sacred water ( spring or streem water).

Every day I offer different programmes after the drum making.

1. Lecture on shamanic drums, how to use them and how to heal with them and generally about sound healing. (3 hours with the help of interpreter)

2. Attila Heffner dynamic concert and ritual with the cours members' participation (playing music, drumming, dancing, singing)

3. Mutual meditation to Attila's latest meditational programme "Inner Journey" 5.1 Soundmagic
Suncross, four divine members family constellation (with interpreter)

4. How to play the drums-- teaching session.

5. Drum initiation ceremony, prayers, closing ceremony

Finally, a taste of the atmosphere of a drum making weekend.

video's from the drum-making groups: